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We’ve been struggling to work out why people hate having their photo taken…


jay Deeley - Popup-PixYou might think ‘hate’ is a strong word but it’s not our choice of word – it’s the choice of the people we meet and ask!

“You’re a photographer? Oh!? I HATE having my photo taken!”

Tough crowd!

But then we realised that we needed to get to the bottom of this issue!

The pain of having your photo taken…


Going to a studio to have your photo taken is a pain – Parking, finding a slot you can make, getting the time to do it.

Having your photo taken is a strange idea – you’re going to pay for something you don’t know you’ll like yet.

Finding the time to book in a slot is difficult – we all lead busy lives and we completely get that.


…but! You can’t avoid having a business portrait.


Go to LinkedIn now (you can click here if you like).

What you’ll see is a sea of atrocities.

A wall of awfulness.

A stream of offensive or dull photos!


You can be better than that and all it takes is a few moments at Popup-Pix for as little as £20!


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