Helping You Face Business Life

You need a business portrait for your website, social media, and online profiles

We break down the pain of getting your perfect shoot with a simple, fast and professional Popup photo shoot.

Photos from as little as £20...

Running A Business Challenges Us...

Go onto LinkedIn, Facebook, Job sites, or most websites in the world and what are you faced with?

Ghastly or dull photos of business people!

It's not that they're ghastly people, they just don't have the right photography.

But that's not their fault. It's hard to get the right photo. It's complicated to book into a studio, and in this modern business life we often just don't have the time.

Popup-Pix wants to change this...

Pop into any of our Popup studio locations and get your Popup-Pix for as little as £20. If you don't like it - you don't pay!

It's that simple.

We believe that your face is one of the most important things in your business. Let Popup-Pix give it the attention it deserves!

Find your nearest Popup-Pix event and get your photo taken in minutes. We only choose easy to get to venues and there's no complicated forms to fill in.
It's a very personal thing, having your photo taken. That's why we're taking the pain out of it all. Don't like your business portrait? Don't pay us!
Love your new photo? We have three simple options for you once you decide on the photo you like. When you decide and pay for your images we'll send the digital copies right over for you to use straight away. Get in touch>>